Pudenal Nerve Block for Chronic Pelvic Pain Relief

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Chronic Pelvic Pain Relief Treatment

Pudenal Nerve Block is a treatment meant for those who suffer from Pudenal Nerve Entrapment (PNE). Symptoms for PNE include sensations of pain in the lower pelvic area that may include stinging, burning, stabbing, aching, knife-like sensations, irritation, cramping, spasms, tightness, crawling of the skin, twisting, pins and needles, numbness, and/or hypersensitivity. This may also include problems with the genitals, anus, or urinary systems. The cause of PNE is due to the pudenal nerve being trapped in the alcock canal or in other similar areas. The alcock canal is a small opening in between the pelvic bones and the spine. In certain cases, the pudenal nerve gets inflamed or agitated and grows as inflamed areas do, becoming stuck in the tiny amount of space the canal offers. The rubbing and stretching of the nerve by the bone and body mass in the canal creates the problems as described above.

What causes the pudenal nerve to become inflamed?
Many events may cause the pudenal nerve to become agitated. These include (but are not limited to) trauma (such as falling on one’s tail bone or coccyx), constant straining of the lower body caused by difficulty moving the bowels or constipation, or through exercises involving the lower body like squats or sport such as cycling. Additionally, pain brought on prior to or after children, bladder irritation, pain during sexual intercourse are others.

What can be done to treat the symptoms?
It is most imperative to rule out other causes of pelvic area pain before considering Pudenal Nerve Blocks for treatment. The Pudendal Nerve Block is an effective means to reduce discomfort in the pelvic area. They can be performed under X-ray guidance with a small amount of local anesthetic. Patients can expect almost immediate relief upon completion of the procedure, and Pudendal Nerve Blocks are minimally invasive procedures with low risks.



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