Radiographically Guided Spinal Injections

A woman receiving a nerve block procedure.

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection is an anti-inflammatory medicine that is given into the epidural space surrounding the spinal column.


A translaminar injection delivers medicine into the epidural space.


A transforaminal injection is a long working steroid into the opening of the side of the spine where a nerve root ends. It reduces inflammation and swelling of the spinal nerve roots and other surrounding tissues.

Selective Nerve Root Block

A selective nerve root block delivers a low volume of concentrated medicine directly onto the affected nerve root sleeve to ease back and leg pain.

Facet Block

A facet block is a block that is performed to confirm that a facet joint is the source of pain. This injection also decreases pain and inflammation in the facet joint or joints.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a procedure that is used to reduce pain by using electric current. The electric current is produced by radio frequency waves and heats up a small area of nerve tissue. The heat from the radio wave decreases the pain signals from that specific area, and can provide long lasting pain relief.


Intra-articular is an injection of medicine into a joint to reduce inflammation.

Medial Branch

A medial branch is designed to interrupt the pain signal being carried by the medial branch nerves that supply a specific facet joint.

Sacroiliac Joint Block

A sacroiliac joint block is an injection used to diagnose and treat lower back pain in the sacroiliac joint.


Discography is a procedure done to determine which disc in the spine is responsible for the pain by injecting dye into the suspected discs and see if the dye leaks out of any of them.


Is a spinal procedure where bone cement is injected through a small hole in the skin (percutaneously into a fractured vertebra with the goal of relieving the pain of vertebral compression fractures

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